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The New York Times bestselling memoir, Heads in Beds, will forever alter your understanding of the hotel industry. Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“The prose is brisk and smart… Hilarious and eminently readable.”
Clancy Martin, The New York Times Book Review

“Demystifies the world of high-end hospitality … Coarse, smart and wickedly funny … Tightly written and laced with delicious insider tips.”
Washington Post

“Jacob Tomsky is a star. Heads in Beds is hilarious, literate, canny, indignant, and kind – revealing an author who manages to be both a hustler and a complete humanitarian. I love this book.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

“Hilarious…. Veteran front desk agent Jacob Tomsky airs the upscale hotel industry’s dirty laundry — literally and figuratively…. His service as an author is exceptional.”
The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY

“You will never not tip housekeeping or your bellhop again. Tomsky fell into hotel work and proved to be rather good at it; the same can be said for his writing.”
– Booklist

“A hilarious, informative, and naughty peek at what really happens behind the glitz and glamour of the hotel experience.”
– Steve Dublanica, author of the New York Times bestseller Waiter Rant

“Tomsky shines in…this funny and profane memoir.”

“At turns hilarious, sad, too revealing, naughty, frightening and wildly fun. Tomsky proves to be a smart writer. “
Mountain Xpress

“A horrifyingly good time…. You know you’re learning way more than is good for you, but you just can’t stop reading.”

“Highly amusing … Embraces the full, novelistic breadth of hotel experience.”
Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“Tomsky offers up insider tips, galling confessions, and just enough smut … If Kitchen Confidential dissuaded you from ever ordering mussels again …then Heads in Beds will make you question the sparkliness of complimentary flutes of champagne.”

“A wonderfully indiscreet veteran of the hospitality industry, Jacob Tomsky knows his way around a hotel.”

“With incredibly witty, from-the-gut prose, Mr. Tomsky provides an inside scoop on the good, the bad, and the incredibly ugly happenings that go on behind closed hotel doors—as well as front desk antics that happen right before your untrained, naïve eyes…. A very fun, entertaining read.”
New York Journal of Books

“More than a collection of trade secrets; it’s a colorful tale filled with vibrant characters from crazy bellmen to even crazier guests. Tomsky is a solid storyteller who is able to intricately detail all the insanity surrounding him.”
Publishers Weekly

“Jacob Tomsky’s hilariously irreverent memoir Heads in Beds chronicles the all-work, no-sleep, but never dull lifestyle of the young hotelier and the innermost workings of high-end hotels.”

“In pulling the musty curtains back on the seedy hotel business, Heads in Beds provides first-rate insights for all grades of travelers. But the real revelation here is Jacob Tomsky, whose writing combines presidential suite talent with rack-rate, smoking-room, vending-machine-down-the-hall edge.”
Chuck Thompson, author of Smile When You’re Lying: Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer