Jacob Tomsky, the founder, president, and czar of Short Story Thursdays used to hate short stories. If you’re a member of SST, you’ll find that hard to believe.

Jacob reflects on a dying old friend: Hotel Room Service

Pantyhose for men have become trendy in Europe—and have surged in popularity at a hosiery boutique called Emilio Cavallini. We asked Jacob Tomsky to try them out for a week to see what the hype is all about.

Because knowing is only half the battle, read these facts about your 5-star hotel.

Jacob Tomsky lets us know what men really want when they first meet a woman.    

Jacob Tomsky’s pleasant article about the kindness of tipping on Fodor’s.

Author Jacob Tomsky found himself backstage at the Proenza Schouler fashion show in New York last week—without a clear idea of what he was doing there. He records his adventure.

In light of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal, Jacob Tomsky writes his riveting account of the dangers that lie behind each hotel room door for the New York Times.